“Infertility Twin” Connection

The view from my fertility clinic- on a gray day in December 2011.

The view from my fertility clinic- on a gray day in December 2011- just before my second miscarriage and my third IVF cycle.

When I was about to embark on my first IVF cycle, I was on a quest to find my “Infertility Twin-”  the woman who was once just like me (same age, same diagnosis, same fertility stats) – but now had a baby.

After my first miscarriage, and especially after my second, the need to find others who had been there and survived to tell the tale was even more urgent. I must have read hundreds of old blogs, going backwards trying to piece together their stories, looking for answers that might give me hope for my own story.

Now that I have my own happy ending- (although I still have secondary infertility to look forward to) I want to help others find  hope. Not every story ends with a baby or pregnancy- and I know that sometimes “hope” can be cruel- but if nothing else, I’ve always found comfort in hearing from others who have been there too.

The stories I share here will be categorized to make it easy to find your “Infertile Twin,” and will include writers’ contact information when possible so you can ask questions and get support from your own “Infertile Mentor.”

This week I’ll share stories from Jacyln (@sassyNtubelss) and Jenny (@JennaBlooms). Please let me know if you are willing to share your story and connect with your “Infertility Twin.”

As I eventually find the courage to try the last two frozen embryos from my doomed first IVF cycle, I’ll be looking for my twin as well: Seeking that mythical person who had a successful pregnancy from the last two frozen embryos of an IVF cycle that ended in miscarriage for both the fresh and following frozen cycles. Hope, anyone?


2 thoughts on ““Infertility Twin” Connection

  1. Sonya Ball July 1, 2013 at 6:29 am Reply

    Hi, Jess! It’s MommyBlessedWith2 (now 3!) from TCOYF. I know exactly what you mean. We did IUI for #1, and I searched endlessly through the internet for support. And for #3, the support from our group was invaluable to me. Still, I was constantly scouring the internet for someone who had our same history/IF issues and now held a beautiful baby at the end of a difficult journey. I would love to help! Feel free to contact me via email for our history and success story.

    • Jess July 12, 2013 at 8:02 pm Reply

      That would be wonderful- your story is amazing and I know it would give others hope. Thanks!

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