Steridol Updates

The life of an IVFer: always waiting for the call.

It’s kind of a funny thing to have another woman telling your husband intimate details such as your ovulation dates, menstrual  bleeding, hormone levels and follicle counts. You reach a new level of intimacy with your husband, that’s for sure.

Mr. T takes all the phone calls from the clinic since he has a private office and because during IVF 1.0 I found waiting for those phone calls to be the most stressful part of the process.  So instead I get little emails from him after these calls:

“The nurse said to start taking birth control pills today for 12 days. You’ll have withdrawal bleeding a few days after that and will start the stims on Saturday. Love you!”


“Your Steridol is under 20 so it looks good to start! xox”

(My response: “You are steridol!)

As much as he’s a wonderful messenger, even after three IVF cycles, he’s pretty clueless about the terminology and process.  Yesterday I learned that in addition to thinking “Estradiol” was “Steridol”, he didn’t know what ICSI was- even though it’s the only way his sperm have any chance of fertilizing my eggs.

Even funnier was the revelation about Mr. Wandy. Mr. T has gone to all but one of my Wandy dates with me, but he always sits by my head and looks at my uterus/ ovaries/ follicles or whatever part is the subject for the day- up on the screen. He had seen Mr. Wandy, but had no idea that it went inside me for the look-arounds.

I doubled-over laughing at the shock on his face when I nonchalantly broke this news to him.

He actually thought I was making this up.

Me: “What did you think was going on below the sheet with Mr. Wandy???”

Mr. T: “I don’t know- I thought it worked from the outside.”

Ha! If only.

Anyway, now that the IVF tango is in full swing, having him take these phone calls is even more critical to my stress levels. A week ago, with only 4 tiny follicles and my “steridol” at 49.7, Dr. IVF-Nice-But-Cautious talked about canceling the cycle. We needed to have at least 6 follicles by day 6.

So of course I was a nervous wreck on Day 6, feeling sure we had just injected $3000 worth of drugs into my abdomen just for the fun of it. Dr. IVF counted three follicles on the right and moved over to the left- counting as I held my breath- three more.

You’d think I was pregnant by my ecstatic reaction.

“We’re going to have an egg or two! YAY!”

By Monday (Day 9) we had 11 potential baby eggs. Eight on one side and three on the other. I keep looking at my tummy to see if it looks lopsided, but I can’t determine any difference.

And today, a few more popped up, but mostly small ones that likely won’t make it to see their full potential.

I had hoped we’d be able to get the show on the road and trigger tonight for retrieval on Friday, but Dr. IVF wants to give it at least another day.

I go back tomorrow. But oh how I hope I’ve taken my last Menopur injection.

And I think Mr. T. is ready to stop sharing me with Mr. Wandy.


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5 thoughts on “Steridol Updates

  1. Moon April 7, 2011 at 9:27 am Reply

    Excellent post, I’ve been chuckling all the way through, ‘steridol’!! how cute is that! :-))
    Aww sounds like MR T so supportive, just what you need and I think it’s great idea that he takes the calls for you, I might have to try that one day, I hate all the waiting too.

    Bless Mr T, that will keep me smiling all day! :o)
    Moon x

    ps – great news on the follies and wishing you all the best for your trigger, woo hoo!

  2. myTTCstory April 7, 2011 at 10:44 am Reply

    That’s so funny, my other half didn’t know it went inside either despite accompanying me to all of my scans!

    Like Moon says it’s such a good idea to ask him to take all the calls, I bet it makes him feel more part of it. I think I’m too much of a control freak to do that. After our ET last week our doc was telling me about which meds to take & when so I asked Dan to listen & make notes as I was in a world of my own. When we left he had no idea what I needed to take so that’s probably why I’m a control freak! I blame him!

    Brilliant news on your follies & eggs honey! xx

  3. serendipitie April 7, 2011 at 7:43 pm Reply

    LOL at your husband’s revelation about Mr. Wandy! I have always called him the Dildo-cam so my husband had no such illusions!

  4. Asano April 8, 2011 at 2:21 am Reply

    I totally understand how men can be clueless to what he will go through or IS GOING through. “Steridol”?! How funny~! The other day at the dinner table, my DH asked me AGAIN, what exactly ISCI was. Uh, honey, we’ve already gone over that and has been 3 yrs since we decided to go for IVF!! Iam not sure if I can have DH sit by me when Mr. Wandy does its job 🙂 Good luck with ER! Please keep us posted!

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